AdWords Drafts and Experiments

AdWords Drafts&ExperimentsSo you just finished up setting up your PPC account. All the bells and whistles are set up, the campaigns and ad groups all have a fluid structure you’re proud to call yours and you’re fully satisfied. But sometimes you can’t help to think about all the “What if’s” in your account.

“What if this AdGroup served a better purpose in that campaign?”

“What if we target a smaller demographic?”

Google Adwords recently introduced Campaign Drafts and Experiments where you can put all your “what ifs” to rest. If utilized correctly, this tool can help your account immensely! This is taking split testing to a whole new level. As the name implies, you get to draft and experiment newer set ups for your account.

When drafting you can make multiple changes to a campaign without having an impact on performance. After your draft you have one of two choices; implement those changes immediately or run an experiment. Personally, the transition to draft on a web-browser will be difficult as I do a lot of drafting and changes on AdWords Editor. Now, I will probably still continue using AdWords Editor for big bulk edits but it will be interesting to use drafts for smaller edits. But the beauty of drafting, and the main reason for this blog, is that you can run the experiment.

You’re in control of everything for your experiment campaigns. Adjust bids, demographics, time of day ads are displayed and just about anything else. Once you’ve finished your experiment and hopefully get your desired outcome you can then swap that out with your original campaign. And if it failed miserably you can just kick it to the curb without worrying about any losses.

It will be interesting to start using this feature here at Netfinity. We have many different clients with many different strategies on their PPC accounts. One key strategies we use is a SKAG Model that is very successful with product based clients. We’ve had our doubts about expanding that to other clients for the fear of it not performing as well as our solid campaign structure that we currently have. Now with this tool we can determine whether or not our service based clients can benefit from this model.

If you or your company are looking for PPC management testing feel free to contact us for a free evaluation.


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