• Material is a high-impact structural foam with high flex modulus and flame rating UL 94V-0. Polycarbonate can also be processed.
  • Aluminum temperature controlled molds for repeated quality, part after part, run after run Multi- cavity molds for smaller, more complicated parts, greater savings With our in-house engineering and tooling capabilities mold costs are much less costly than regular high-pressure injection molding.  Our process is ideal for shorter run, low to medium quantity production.
  • Certified ISO 9001-2008 with in-process inspection from molding through secondary operations, painting and packaging to assure 100% quality components with class A finishes.
  • We are geared for minimum quantities as low as 100 and up to 10,000 parts or more with low cost temperature controlled tooling. Molds as large as 50”x30”for molding, and machine tooling up to 80”x30”.
  • We offer a complete one-stop-shop with engineering assistance, tooling and finishing, ready for the customer’s assembly.

Design We will take your part design from drawings or 3D files, using CAD/CAM systems and CNC machining centers, and build machined aluminum family molds for small parts, or single cavity molds for large components. Our CNC machining centers assure molds will have close tolerance accuracy and shorter lead times.