Content Types and What Works Best?

Content Challenges

Are you challenging yourself to come up with new ideas and new ways of imparting information about your business? Are you experimenting with the different forms of content that your customers may like to read?

We’d love to help you get there.

The B2C Content Marketing report put together by the Content Marketing Institute found that: while 69% of marketers are creating more content than they were a year 20mobileapps

  • 69% of marketers are creating more content than they were a year ago.
  • 27% have a strategy that is documented.
  • 65% of respondents saying they’re better-converting visitors on their websites.
  • 62% saying they’re creating more appealing and higher-quality content.

In a post on Distilled, author Hannah Smith talks about the importance of creating content that is goal-driven—that is, what you create should be driven by what you want to achieve. To become effective, marketers have to make the all-important connection between buyers’ goals and relevant content. Without this line of thinking, content marketing is prone to become a hit or miss exercise. Buyers today seek — whether it is explicit or on a subconscious level — information, which informs them how they can achieve their goals.

Producing content into modular parts, can help buyers to achieve different, yet related goals. The important factor here is how your information can enable buyers. Does it allow them to take action towards getting their goals fulfilled?

Content Types and Uses

This is where choosing the correct content format comes into play.

For example, will they recognize a path towards achieving a goal through a simple PDF document or does a video provide more clarity? Once it is clear how buyers use information to fulfill goals, you can set up workflows and processes to ensure your content is aligned with their information needs. This extends to who is most likely to share your information as well as understanding with whom they will share that content with.

Other Content types:

  • E-Newsletter
    • E-Newsletters can be a good vehicle for promoting articles and brief descriptions with links to articles on your website.
    • Key Point- Don’t spam your e-newsletter. Get permission and offer opt-out links at the bottom of every e-newsletter you send out.
  • White Paper
    • The “Granddaddy” of content, white papers typically 8-12 pages, on issued that require a lot of explanation.
    • Key Point- They are perfect for demonstrating thought leadership on issues vital to your buyers.
  • Webinars
    • Visually, the content is delivered slide by slide or by a live presentation
    • Key Point- You benefit twice: first, it is a live presentation; then from people who download the archived event.
  • Mobile Application
    • These downloadable tools allow users to turn their PDA’s into handy devices that meet their very specific, individual needs.
    • Key Point- They should have easy interfaces with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Infographics
    • Information or data visually, in a chart graph, or other form of illustration.
    • Key Point- Make your resulting infographic easy to share online for maximum reach and distribution.

Understanding why information is important to audiences involves a sense of which goals your audiences are attempting to accomplish. The way information is delivered and shared can either be of help or be a detriment for buyers when they seek to satisfy their goals.

Here at Netfinity, we ensure the right information and content is being delivered to the right audiences, at the right time, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation.

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AdWords Drafts and Experiments

AdWords Drafts&ExperimentsSo you just finished up setting up your PPC account. All the bells and whistles are set up, the campaigns and ad groups all have a fluid structure you’re proud to call yours and you’re fully satisfied. But sometimes you can’t help to think about all the “What if’s” in your account.

“What if this AdGroup served a better purpose in that campaign?”

“What if we target a smaller demographic?”

Google Adwords recently introduced Campaign Drafts and Experiments where you can put all your “what ifs” to rest. If utilized correctly, this tool can help your account immensely! This is taking split testing to a whole new level. As the name implies, you get to draft and experiment newer set ups for your account.

When drafting you can make multiple changes to a campaign without having an impact on performance. After your draft you have one of two choices; implement those changes immediately or run an experiment. Personally, the transition to draft on a web-browser will be difficult as I do a lot of drafting and changes on AdWords Editor. Now, I will probably still continue using AdWords Editor for big bulk edits but it will be interesting to use drafts for smaller edits. But the beauty of drafting, and the main reason for this blog, is that you can run the experiment.

You’re in control of everything for your experiment campaigns. Adjust bids, demographics, time of day ads are displayed and just about anything else. Once you’ve finished your experiment and hopefully get your desired outcome you can then swap that out with your original campaign. And if it failed miserably you can just kick it to the curb without worrying about any losses.

It will be interesting to start using this feature here at Netfinity. We have many different clients with many different strategies on their PPC accounts. One key strategies we use is a SKAG Model that is very successful with product based clients. We’ve had our doubts about expanding that to other clients for the fear of it not performing as well as our solid campaign structure that we currently have. Now with this tool we can determine whether or not our service based clients can benefit from this model.

If you or your company are looking for PPC management testing feel free to contact us for a free evaluation.


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The Death of Internet connections

Now that I have your attention, this is actually a great thing for consumers and business. Over the past 10+ years, cable and phone companies have controlled access to the “Internet”, you know that thing somewhere out there.. The cloud. The reality is that the Internet is simply a group of computers that can connect to each other to exchange data. Typically they are wired within data centers and the fiber and connectivity is provided by Tier 1 providers, AT&T, L3 Communications, etc. These groups exchange data packs freely, often with brokered deals focused on mutually beneficial data transfers. First, there is nothing wrong with this – these networks are extremely expensive to manage and maintain, so if they turn a profit – that is great!

However, I wanted to look at an alternative model for Internet connectivity. The concept started back in the early days of Napster with the concept of P2P or peer-to-peer connectivity. Napster revolutionized the file-sharing model, but they were still leveraging an intermediary to connect to system together. I am not condoning illegal file sharing as the principal for this concept, just using this model as a primer for where we are headed.

Recently at DefCon 2015, ProxyHam was going to be demoed by Ben Cuadill – but was pulled a month before the event. There are rumors flying around about why. Some people are saying the government stepped in to stop his product from hitting the market, others have more sinister views, others have simply said – it actually doesn’t work. However, regardless of where the technology is today – it will kill the Internet tomorrow, and here is how.

Right now I am waiting for an oil change and working at my local Starbucks. I am sitting around at least 20 other people who are working, waiting in line for coffee and just chatting with friends. I can visually count 14 devices; which are likely connected to the Internet. 14! And it took 10 seconds to count them. So here is where we are going to push the envelope a bit… What if, each device was a relay (point to point) for a peer-to-peer network? This would allow me to connect directly to all of these 14+ devices by simply being in the same room. Now, let’s go into the shopping complex – there are likely hundreds of devices – in some cases, they are literally connected already – my iPhone is connected to my MacBook.

The concept of peer to peer and line of site is nothing new – but the concept of using each point as a relay to the next point, then the next, etc… would effectively remove the need for large corporations to maintain these massive networks. This is likely a simple hardware and software solution initially and eventually may be available for purchase at Target or another retail shop. You could plug in a USB device; which now acts as a relay and point of site antenna.

I do not believe this will happen overnight – but this idea has been cooking for sometime and we are on the verge of a technology that will drastically disrupt how we use the Internet. Just view the number of wireless networks you can view under your network preferences. In my case – there are 14 devices connected to my home network. I understand I am likely the extreme case – there are others with more. But now, let’s leverage this system to bounce from point A San Diego, to point B New York. The model can leverage aircraft, existing towers, iPhones, computers, antennas on buildings, etc.

Why this may not work. Let’s be honest here, cable companies and phone companies will do everything to prevent something that cuts back on their profits. We will see reports that this model will cause cancer and ensure that your credit cards will be used to purchase a new flat screen TV. Security and Government aside – another major issue would be the number of required hops to get to the final destination. That could cause major latency issues, which ultimately make the model collapse under the weight of its own size. But isn’t this fun to come up with models that could revolutionize how data moves?

There are currently systems that work similar to this; large antennas that can be installed on your home to have your wifi signal booster in some cases miles. This would take a massive adoption and infrastructure update. Oh, and to keep the data centers happy and “The Cloud”, we still need data hosted somewhere. In fact, I would bet that data consumption increases and the need for storage would increase dramatically! Unless we look at a phase 2 options that creates single file instances, which are shared, based on authorized access. No need to have 10,225,028 files for the same cat meme we have all seen.

For those that are reading this and seeking to complain or chat, you can email me through our contact form. I understand that some of the technology I have mentioned exists in a similar form. But I have yet to see someone talk about this concept directly. I was excited about ProxyHam, I really thought this would be the first iteration of the concept by initially anonymizing data transfer. Like the Series 800 Terminator… even the robots had to start somewhere.

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Factors Matter in Online Marketing

Do you remember back in school, when the teachers said that one day you will need specific math skills and you jubilantly agreed and paid close attention to each element that they were teaching? Yeah, me either. However, as time has progressed the fundamental base that we learned in elementary school applies to business marketing on levels I could never has appreciated when I was busy worrying about how quickly I could drink my chocolate milk at lunch. Business marketing has evolved from a standardized 3-ring binder with tabs like: tradeshows, yellow pages, radio, etc. into a comprehensive model which gathers tremendous amounts of traffic through a variety of channels, aptly referred to as “Big Data”.

Big Data can refer to a variety of things; Facebook gathers emotional data based on how their users respond to ads based on location, size of image, amount of text, etc. They have perfected the model for their business and have been rewarded with record ad revenue. However, businesses that can tap into the Facebook marketplace and user base can also see a huge boost in traffic and with the right strategy, revenue. Yes, I said you can increase your revenue based on the traffic increase – but it will take some serious review of the data you are capturing.

Running an ad campaign is simple these days, same as sending out an email marketing campaign. You can set it up in a matter of minutes and press the send or publish button. Boom, you have delivered your message to hundreds, thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of adoring fans! However, did you message get consumed and generate traffic and revenue and how will that impact the next campaign you run and on another channel? There is a huge marketing channel block available today; Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Adroll, Content Syndication, PR, Email Marketing, etc. There are so many, often businesses must choose based on their available budget. So how do you even know what is working, or more importantly – creating the most value for the money you are spending?

San Diego online marketing by NFY Interactive, Inc.

NFY Interactive, Inc. is a full service web development and online marketing agency.

Well, this is where math comes in. You may have thought that the last two paragraphs would clear you from reading into the complexities and that we would have some amazing magic bullet that solves your online marketing strategy needs. Well, we kind of do. Our team models factors; what, what!? Factors – or facts… Yes, we lean into understanding each element. We are going to outline a simple strategy that our team uses for email marketing – our hope is simple. 1. This will give you insight on your existing campaigns and how you can influence your users with the next one. 2. You will give us a call and leverage our teams experience and knowledge to help influence your overall marketing strategy. Yes, our team is a bunch of mathematical nerds with a desire to find the lowest hanging fruit as well as the most profitable.

Email Marketing factor based strategy

Email Marketing has become a VERY and TOO common tool used in many online marketing strategies. I have literally heard everything from the need to send an email every day, to one a quarter. The reality is… Both are right. But it will depend on the business, the product or service and the audience. So, let’s go on a fact gathering mission. Our team collects the following data on every email we send: Date, Time, Subject Type, Content Type, Content, CTR, Open Rate, Bounce Rate, TTL, Unsubscribe, List, List Type, Website Traffic, Leads, Sales. Yeah, that’s a lot of data – in fact that is 15 factors that we measure. Then, let’s get really crazy… Let’s do the math! If you were to review each factor we can find that we have some crazy math or defined iterations that can be produced. Date : M-F, Time : 24 Hours, Subject : Typically stick to 4 types, Subject Type (teach, fear, scarcity, sell), Content Type (teach, fear, scarcity, sell)… I think you get the point. To generate a simple iterations model – we simply multiply this out:

5 x 24 x 4 x 4 x 3* x 2* = 11,520 email variations (*this equation is based on just one working example – we can clearly generate far more). So we can use a true full factorial design model and send out 11,520 emails, but that could take some time. Or, we can build block of factors and build a trending model. This is done by tracking data over time and building some experienced assumptions. We can deliver and track M-F am vs. pm. We can review subject Type and List Type and Open Rate, ultimately building a massive library of data over time that will begin to tell a story.

That’s it folks, the end result; Tell a story. If your online marketing strategy and all of your marketing channels are setup to help tell a story, you will begin to gain the traction needed for your business. However, there is no set and forget model. Trends change, buyers change, seasons change… If you are watching what works and modifying your strategy over time and adjusting to improve how potential customer respond and engage your marketing – you will win. Our team really enjoys this stuff; we have a group of people and custom in-house software which was design to help our clients win. If you are looking to focus on the business side of things and want to hire a professional team to help manage your online marketing, we would love to chat and learn more. There is no doubt that every strategy that is currently in the market can benefit from our model and style, we look forward to the opportunity to show you.

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How Hobbies at Home, Help Clients.

NFY Interactive, Inc. is a full-service online firm located in San Diego, CA. Since 1998, our team has been providing customized solutions for our clients which have spanned a wide array of technology. I was recently thinking about some of the programming languages, systems, etc. that our team has worked with – it is so comprehensive that I literally had to break it down categorically based on the technology. Here is just a small list of some of the elements our team has worked with…

  • Perl / CGI
  • GIS Data
  • APIs (lots of them)
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Swift
  • Python
  • Django
  • Angular & JQuery
  • Every iteration of CSS
  • HTML, since 2.0!
  • MFI, Made for iOS
  • Symfony, Cake, Ruby…
  • Android
  • Java
  • WordPress
  • BigCommerce, WooCommerce
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi…

It is no surprise that a technology company has worked with a variety of technologies, but typically – our team has had the experience to speak value into nearly every project we are looking into. I recently discovered a very clear reason why – the hobbies that most of the team has at home, plays a significant role in the day to day operations and providing value for our customers.

One specifically that stands out is a recently MFI project that we were reviewing. MFI, simply mean Made For iOS – this is the jargon used for any hardware that interacts with an Apple device, like an iPAD. A client of ours was seeking to build an interactive application on an iPad, which then interacted with a physical hardware device – in this case a medical device. For web companies (generally), the scope stops at the software level. The desire or ability to integrate hardware is not something that they focus on or have the team in place to help build. This is an element that typically sets NFY Interactive, Inc. apart from others – we live and breathe ALL technology.

In 2008 I began pushing the limits of what can be done with Christmas lights. Up until that year, I had simply just added a lot of lights – about 18,000 that year. Since, we have driven that number upwards to nearly 60,000 lights, miles of extension cords and comprehensive network of software and hardware – 7 computers in all and 1 master control system. I do this as a hobby, something I enjoy building and creating with my son – as well as the variety of friends that volunteer to get the lights setup and torn down. I never realized how this tied directly to the way that NFY Interactive, Inc. views each and every project – how does THIS add value to our clients? The bottom line is value – our team focuses on making each element, each website, and each type of technology add value to the end product.

Our teams of PHP developers, PPC management team, business management team, etc. all focus on creating a strategic relationship with each of our clients, to help build value. We do this by not just focusing on low-hanging fruit, this is easy and something that provides results – but we look at how to get the value from each piece of fruit and then having a plan to ensure that harvesting year after year is a reality. We believe that relationships and value are what allow businesses and our agency to grow together. We love the idea of having fun and creating value – something that often gets lost in the “just get business” outlook.

We would love to chat with you about your business… Your website, online presence, eCommerce website, CRM, billing system, online marketing, email marketing and management, you name it. Our team can help review where you are and listen to your goals and help develop the strategy to get you there. Click here to get in touch with us today.

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Pros & Cons… A Double Entendre

In the past 18 years that I have been involved with the internet, I have seen my fair share of shady, unethical and downright scandalous companies. This includes individuals selling cable boxes for “free cable TV” to some very sad sites that promoted dog fighting. Our company decided early on that we would break the tradition mold of many web companies and simply offer a great service at a fair rate. Well, that didn’t always work in our favor… We have often spoken to potential clients about budget and we are never the cheapest – and I am fine with that. If you are going to go out for a nice steak dinner – you would go to a place like Ruth’s Chris or Donovan’s if you are in San Diego.

Over the past 5 or so years a new phenomenon has occurred and it is one I simply DO NOT understand. The amount of SPAM that we get through our clients’ website forms as well as our own; offers for SEO, Guaranteed rankings of course, IT services, web development and other web related services. So many, that we often have to install software and implement firewalls to block them. Sites built on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal are the main culprits of these hacks! Systems are developed and then topics are scanned and submit to plugins like Contact Form7, Gravity Forms, etc. By the thousands, they have an army of robots spitting out emails as if they “Found your site and can offer some great value”. Venting time – nothing angers me more than these companies.

At least 30% of our daily phone calls are companies that have essentially been taken advantage of by these companies; promising the moon and delivering garbage. My favorite is how often I hear that sites are 80%, 85% done and they just need someone to finish the coding. 9 out of 10 times these sites are not built in the U.S. – in one case, it was outsourced to India but the coding comments were Romanian! Seriously, either the developers are piggybacking code from Romania (first comment, Really!?) or they are outsourcing the code again.

I do not want people reading this to believe that I am opposed to outsourcing – but I am opposed to most outsourcing. Here are my top 3: 1. If you are looking for a low-cost solution and think that outsourcing is the answer – you will lose money and end up spending far more to get your project completed. 2. If you have never developed an enterprise level technology project – outsourcing will leave your frustrated and broker than when you started. 3. You will lose the ingenuity that I only see U.S. development companies bring to the table. Yes, companies… I believe that U.S. based developers typically have a business acumen that helps ensure that the coding strategy is thoroughly reviewed. This is a lot like making sure an engineer reviews your homes blueprints… You know, so that it doesn’t collapse in the middle of the night.

Now to my title : Pros & Cons… A Double Entendre, what am I getting at here? It is simple : there are pros and cons to hiring the cheap company.. .but there are also professionals and cons trying to scam you. If someone spams you and tells you that they will get you TONS of leads and business, your CON radar should go off. Seriously, if they have to spam you to get your attention, what kind of image are they going to portray online if they are representing your brand. I see this A LOT with “SEO” companies – they say they will offer a free site review, or they already reviewed your site, or they don’t charge unless they get your placed on the first page, etc. All of these companies are scammers and do a tremendous amount of damage to professionals in the online marketing and web development industry.

I spend a lot of time unpacking the damage that these CONS have created. This is both the actual damage they have caused to a clients’ brand, but as well – the client often lacks trust in the industry as a whole. This requires time to rebuild trust (which we do a lot) and create a relationship that is based on mutual value.

The primary reason I wanted to create this post is simple. If you are looking for a reputable company that can help develop your online presence (website) and then help with the online marketing. I would love to chat with you about our process, our team and how we get things done. We aren’t perfect and we do not make claims we cannot back up – but our team will work extremely hard to deliver your project on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on simple things: completing projects, ensuring that expectations are clear and developing solid relationships with our clients, that are mutually beneficial and create opportunities for growth and fun!

If you have a project, a website, do online marketing or we simply haven’t spoken in a few years – let’s chat. Email me at (oh no, more spam from bots) – or, call me directly at 619-764-6146 x701. I have been involved in the industry for nearly 20 years and I am very passionate about our clients’ success. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Celebrating 16 Amazing Years.

September 14, 2015 – (San Diego, CA.) Today, turned 16! It was not a typical sweet 16 like we see on MTV; there were no glamorous parties and no sharpie-art Lamborghinis. What today did have was 16 years of reflection on the amazing technology created over the last 3 decades. What ultimately started in a small 2-bedroom condo in San Diego, CA. blossomed into an agile and talented development and online marketing company with staff in California, Texas and Michigan – and clients in nearly every state and almost half a dozen countries.

NFY Interactive, Inc. started as a small web design company – offering simple design and development services. Our first large client helped pave the way for new technology and created a path for our company to grow and dominate in the home building industry for nearly a decade. We had the opportunity to work with every major home builder and land developer in the country and developed a variety of technologies, from websites, 3D interactive kiosks, CRMs, custom email marketing system and much more.

Our company shifted dramatically in 2007. We love to look back and consider the move a savvy business decision – but frankly, it was good luck and solid timing. We had begun seeking to diversify our client base, to help ensure that our team wasn’t locked exclusively into the new homes sector (that story is for another time). During the course of 2007 and 2008, our company connected with major brands, including a Fortune 10 company, a variety of Fortune 500 companies and the company that set the “box” world on fire with –

“The last 16 years have been a blessing, we have had the ups and downs of economy and industry, and our clients continue to give us opportunities to create and build amazing things for them.” stated Chris Fialkowski, President & CEO of NFY Interactive, Inc. “We love that we get to do this, making things is the core of what makes our jobs so wonderful, we get to build and create things that have never been developed before, who wouldn’t get excited about that”, stated Mr. Fialkowski.

In 2014, after 15 years in business; Chris Fialkowski took the reins of the company entirely. In 2015, he began to radically transition the company to ensure that each client relationship saw significant value and were able to quantify the value NFY Interactive, Inc. was providing. In Q1 and Q2 of 2015, NFY Interactive, Inc. welcomed some amazing new clients, including: A&O Logistics, Lisa Blalock, Premier Customer Brokerage, Talking Rock Ranch, KioMedia, Inc.,, Hope4Cancer and many more.

“At this point, we are going to focus on bringing a high level of service and quality to our clients, we will ensure that the work product is solid and does what it needs… Everything else will fall into place”, stated Mr. Fialkowski. “The last 16 years has been amazing, but I truly feel the energy and excitement of a new company, a fresh perspective and desire to build new and amazing things for our clients.”

NFY Interactive, Inc. – is a full service web development and online marketing agency located in San Diego, CA. with offices in Chula Vista. The team is comprised of entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, brand experts and more. The 16 year mark is driven by the new values statement of the company: Enjoy Work and Life, Encourage and Grow, Building Beneficial Relationships, Quality and Delivery. The story is simple: do great work and deliver – the rest will take care of itself.

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Leveraging WordPress San Diego WordPress developers

San Diego WordPress Developers

Hiring a team of web developers sounds scary and the options today are wide and extremely diverse, unless you look to our San Diego WordPress developers. Like many things in life, developers are NOT created equal and you will get what you pay for. We have found that many companies that initially seek out the low-cost deal, often spend 20-30% more to get their project built properly. Our team is located in San Diego and have developers located throughout the U.S., the key however is that all of our team is located in the U.S. This matters for a variety of reasons, one of the most critical is the simple understanding that we bring a business culture to your project that you are familiar with and ensures your projects success.

san diego wordpress developersWe have been developing on the WordPress platform before it became an actual content management system. It really was just a blogging platform back in the day! Over time, it grew into a CMS system and has broadened its power to offer complex plugins for a variety of websites, including eCommerce stores.

Our team of San Diego WordPress developers have helped launch a number of WordPress eCommerce websites over the past 7 years. One of the first was for the monthly subscription service, The two founders were seeking to build the first “proof of concept” model and needed a fast and lower cost solution. Our team helped create the original brand and build the necessary components which would power the initial signups for the brand. It was at that point, that we began to realize the power of the WordPress system and our team of San Diego WordPress developers were able to wrap the system into our overall repetoire.

WordPress eCommerce Systems

Our team has worked on a variety of WordPress eCommerce systems, from eCart to Shopp. However, we are going to focus on WooCommerce and their shopping cart plugin system. After a variety of testing and implementation with many Saas systems; like: BigCommerce, Magento and Volusion, we quickly found that WooCommerce and WordPress offered a quick installation, easy setup and management and ultimately – a lower cost solution for our clients. We helped launch many more eCommerce websites and subscription websites and have continued to help manage them over the past few years as the systems have continued to change.

San Diego WordPress Developer

So, now that you have had an opportunity to learn a little bit about our company and some of the brands we have helped launch, we wanted to focus on hiring a qualified WordPress developer. Our team of San Diego WordPress developers have helped build custom WordPress plugins which help power dozens of websites today. Our focus has always been on enterprise development, so we help companies that are just starting or have tens of thousands of products to sell. In order to find a solid WordPress developer – you simply need to find a PHP developer with experience programming within the WordPress framework. WordPress is a PHP based application, so a talented PHP developer with some WordPress experience should be able to help build your site. However, given the plugin capacity available through WooCommerce and many online sources – you can find a team of web experts to help build your site as well.

If you are actively seeking a San Diego WordPress developer, please contact us to learn more about our experience and how we can help get your site online. If you are looking to build a simple WordPress website or a more complex site with custom plugins- our team of San Diego WordPress developers can help. We look forward to learning more about your website project and how we can help. Click here to learn more about our San Diego WordPress Developer team and contact us to get started.

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Email Marketing in 2016

San Diego email marketing

2016 has arrived and we still don’t have flying vehicles, self tying shoes or automatically adjustable clothing. However, we do have some amazing new technology that has been seen over the past year. Tesla released a self-driving car, SpaceX successfully launched and landed a new type of rocket and of course Plutonium 238…

So, what’s new in the world of email marketing for 2016? Well, nothing much so far. This article was created to review some of the more recent updates and how they can impact your email marketing efforts. Ultimately, the goal is to provide some value with this article to help ensure that you are maximizing your email marketing efforts.

This is not an article about lead generation or growing your list… this is to help ensure that you maintain a high quality sender score as you embark on email marketing and different strategies. We wanted to offer up a few elements to consider when sending your email marketing campaign.

  1. Content / Images. The ratio of your images and content (text) really do matter. I have heard a variety of arguments about the ratio of content and images, but ultimately – we prefer to ensure that there is a balance of images and content which help convey the message and applies the specific strategy we are working on. We have in the past tested a variety of ratios specifically to see how it will impact the open rate and click through rates.
  2. SPF record. – this is a must nowadays. It is simply a marker attached to your domain, which servers can validate against and verify that you are in fact a legitimate sender.
  3. Unsubscribe Options. I cannot over emphasize this one. This is critical and ensuring that you have a clear unsubscribe link will help ensure that you potential complaint ratio stays low.
  4. How did you get my Email? Helping users recall how they were added to your list helps ensure that you have permission to send to them. If you are working with a purchased bulk list, 1. you better be sure you can email them. and 2. make sure you spell it out. We work with many partners that provide their databases for email marketing purposes, so we make sure to clarify the list source.
  5. How to contact you. This is actually a requirement of the CAN SPAM laws, which state you must provide a method to call and contact you. We have found through testing that our spam complaints drop significantly when we provide contact information – there is no clear reason why , however – the assumption is that when you provide more information – trust is established and users will likely unsubscribe vs. complain.
  6. Check and Verify : – this is a website we use for every email that we send. It provides a temporary email address which we can send our campaign to. Their system will evaluate the email and check for potential issues that could cause your email to be flagged for spam.

Finally, the key here is test… test, test, test… Test everything and each factor or element of your campaign, and we aren’t talking about split testing. Testing subjects, content, images, everything – and categorize each element and track overtime. This will help you build a solid factorial model which can help improve your email marketing over time.

Our company delivers more than 2.5 million email messages per month. While, we aren’t perfect and deal with a share of complaints, they are literally 1% of the acceptable industry standard. This has earned our company a solid reputation to deliver emails and provide our clients with solid email marketing strategies. If you would like to learn more about our San Diego email marketing services, please contact our company to learn more about how we can help your email marketing strategy.

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Is PPC for you?

PPC ManagementIn a short answer, if you can afford it, then yes. Not just from a monetary perspective, but you have to be able to be committed to a successful PPC account. You will have to be able to afford time, commitment, and some knowledge. These three things are the recipe to be a key player among your competitors.

PPC Management – In-House vs Agency

The question most businesses ask is should you hire someone to do it in house or hire an agency to do the work for you? This is where many businesses start, when looking to do some PPC work. I wish there was a clean-cut right answer to make everybody’s life simpler but it’s not that easy, as both options have major pros and cons. In the end, whatever you value most is going to be the clear winner.

For someone to do it in house, the biggest advantage is that they presumably know your business very well. They know exactly what to go after; they know your competition, and (hopefully) all the right triggers to attract as many customers as they can. A major drawback to the in-house approach is that you will likely have only one or two people at most managing the PPC account in a small to medium business. Sometimes one or two people may not have all the answers, experience, creativity or time to make a PPC account and strategy the best it could be. Additionally, as a business, when hiring someone in-house, you carry all the burden financially, with the amount of turnover most companies face, this will very likely have an impact on the overall account performance.

An agency’s major drawback is the instant learning curve they are faced when they bring you on as a client. Sure, the agency might not know all the answers and best ways to attract more customers at first but they sure have all the tools and resources they need to find out what works best for you. The biggest pro an agency has over an in-house account manager is more people. Agencies always have gears turning with multiple people on one account; it’s an “all hands on deck” kind of mentality. Input and strategy from more than one person is critical and helps creativity and allows your business to draw from the collective experience of many people in the industry. By far, one of the best things of having an agency manage your PPC account is that they are always at the forefront with newer technology, products, and software. Agencies have the resources to be included in simple betas that may not be available to the general public.

A great example for us here at NFY Interactive was the newer integration of being able to show ads on Instagram through AdRoll. Our client was pretty assertive that it was not possible, and we don’t really blame them, there was little to no information available online to the average user, but as an agency who spend larger sums of money on a platform like this, we are given an exclusive account manager and are given early or even Beta access to newer features. AdRoll gave us the opportunity to be one of the first users to advertise on Instagram through their platform. It is little added benefits like these that add so much value to an agency managing your PPC account.

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