Split Testing


Having success through AdWords requires a lot of moving parts that we constantly need to be on top of. One of those key things is our ad creative, which we are always testing and seeing which one works best compared to others.

What is Split testing?

Without overcomplicating it, split testing is simply the testing of various ads against each other to see which ad produces the best results. Once you find a clear winner you repeat the process until you’ve reached the highest potential for your ad whether it be the highest CTR, conversions, clicks, etc. Google has its own process where it will rotate multiple ads simultaneously only showing the best performing ads to people who are searching for your keyword. For this reason it is best practice to always have two or more ads running at the same time.

Here at NFY Interactive we like to split test our ads using different variations in the ad creative. Some of those are; price, feature, brand or fear. Based on the type of business you are advertising different themes are better suited than others. For example, if you are selling insurance policies a fear theme might go along with that as it shows that it’s really urgent and necessary to have. Now if we used that same theme for a nice shiny new iPhone we wouldn’t have the same results. For something like the iPhone I’d be super heavy on the features such as “Fast A8 Chip” (or whatever chip they’re on by now A9, 10, 11) this shows what the phone can do. But being Apple they are fine just using any heavily branded creative to have a successful ad.

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