How to make a pair of leather pants with leather repair kit

A pair of jeans with a leather repairkit on the back, and the same pair of boots as the front.

The back of these jeans is now covered with a thick leather patch, which will be hard to remove.

The jeans were purchased at a store in the city of Kolkata for a whopping Rs 1,100 (about $150) and were used in this exercise.

The front jeans are much more rugged, with a patchy finish.

The rear of the jeans is more like leather.

The boot is the most rugged.

Both of these pair of pair of trousers have a leather patch on the front, and a patch on either side of the boot.

If you don’t have any patch, the patch on your boots is almost completely removed.

Here is how to get rid of the patch.

You can use a cloth scraper to remove the leather patch.

The patch will be covered with the leather of your choice.

You can choose between two leathers: one with a bit of patch, and another with no patch at all.

You may choose the leather with a little bit of leather to keep it fresh and soft, and use it for the stitching.

This is why the leather is not totally dry, and it’s also why the patch is so hard to get out.

Here is what you need:A small leather scraper (or needle nose pliers)Sharp scissorsIf you don´t have a needle nose prick, you can use an electric needle or a needle-nose pliers.

The needle will help you cut out the patch and you will have to be careful to not make a hole in your leather patch too.

A cotton pad will also work well.

I had to remove my patch to get a look at the stitching, but you can cut out a small patch with a needle and a sharp knife.

This patch should be covered by at least one layer of leather, which you will need for the stitch.

You may have to use a couple of pieces of leather.

I had to use three pieces of this leather to make the patch, so I ended up using a little strip of leather and a bit more cloth for the patch (about 1cm x 1cm).

If you use a strip of the same leather that you cut, the stitching will be easier.

Here are the finished jeans, which were made with the patch at the back and a pair in the front:I hope this helps.

Let us know your experiences in the comments section.

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