Zara releases its first-ever womens leather pants

By now you know that the brand’s flagship leather pants were recently made with wool, and now Zara is introducing a new line of pants that use wool in a similar way.

The company has just released its first pair of womens pants in the Zara Menswear range.

The jeans feature a soft-knit waistband that is a little thicker than your average denim, with the bottom part of the waistband tucked in to prevent it from sliding out when it gets wet.

There’s a little zipper on the waist, which you’ll see on other Zara denim, and the waistbands are lined with polyester mesh that zips up and down like a belt, and zips all the way around to allow for movement.

This zipper makes it easy to wear the pants when they’re tucked in, but it can also be worn at the waist.

It’s a nice change of pace for a brand that has historically had a tendency to make the jeans look like leather.

Zara’s newest collection is only available in the US, but you can get the pants online from Zara, as well as from other retailers.

The pants are priced at $230 for a pair of jeans, and there’s also a pair available for $230 more.

The brand is not releasing the other two models in the range, but we’re assuming the more expensive ones are going to be even more expensive.

Zaras jeans have a softer feel than other brands’ pants, which we like, but they can still be a little too big for a small waist.

They’re also made of polyester, which is more breathable than other materials.

The zippers are also slightly larger than the waist band, and it can be a bit difficult to reach the zipper with the right hand.

The waistband is also much thicker than other denim pants, so it can easily slide out.

The soft-woven waistband and zipper make the pants very comfortable, and they have a nice, stretchy waistband when you put them on.

The padding is also very soft, so you can wear them with jeans that are a little more stretchy than others.

The legs of the pants are also much longer than you’d expect from a pair made from a denim material, so they’re great for people who want a little extra legroom.

The crotch pocket is also made from wool, which means that the pants can be tucked in while still keeping the waist bands in place.

The only downside to these pants is that the crotch pocket doesn’t go all the ways around the waist like some jeans do, so if you’re a short person or someone who likes to walk a bit, you might not like this design.

ZARA has also added a pair for $190, which are made from the same wool material as the other pants, but the zipper is a bit smaller.

The zipper on these pants can easily slip out when you want to go somewhere and can be adjusted for different sizes.

The price tag is also slightly higher than some other pants on the market, so Zara may not be the best choice for a shorter person or somebody who wants a little legroom in a jeans.

We like the soft-weave waistband, which allows for some extra leg room, but these pants still look like jeans, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

They feel like jeans that you can put on and take off, and that’s nice.

They also have a zipper on them that is slightly larger and can get a little bit too big when you’re wearing jeans.

There is a slight ridge along the bottom of the crotch area, which can make it a little tricky to reach, but that’s a minor thing.

If you have to get up close and personal with a pantyhose to get the zipper on, you’ll have to put your hand on the crotch of the panty to get that done.

Zarah pants are currently only available online, and Zara has no plans to release them in the UK.

If we’re being honest, Zara isn’t exactly the most exciting brand out there, but if you like jeans with a little stretch to them, the Zarah brand is definitely worth a look.

Check out more of our favorite jeans in our full Zara review.

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