What is the most expensive item in your house?

FourFourThree title The most expensive home in London article FourThree: It might be the most luxurious home in the world, but it’s not as luxurious as the one in the photo above. 

The $17,000-plus home in Notting Hill, south-west London, is owned by British designer David Miller. 

According to a listing on Redfin, it’s “built in a state of luxurious luxury with luxurious leather furniture, a large open living room, and a large living room and dining room, plus large bedrooms, an infinity pool, a pool table, and three private balconies.” 

(Miller, who is from the United Kingdom, was born in England.) 

The listing on the website goes on to say that “the owner has created a modern home in which to entertain his family.”

The house has a full-sized swimming pool and is listed for $14,995 per square foot.

The home’s price tag also includes a 2,700-square-foot garage, a 7,000 square-foot living area, and 4,000 feet of walking space.

Miller, whose other work includes a home for children in a retirement home, is known for the home’s large living area. 

Miller’s work is often featured in magazines, including the New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, and Time Out London. 

(The New York Review of Books called it “one of the most eye-catching, luxurious homes in London.”)

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Miller said that he’s “obsessed” with the property, and he wanted to sell it before his daughter was born.

“I’ve been doing the research and my daughter is in her early 20s,” Miller said.

“I thought it would be an opportunity to do something that would really capture my daughter’s attention, to be honest.

So I thought it was a great opportunity.” “

When she was a little girl, she would sit up at the foot of the stairs, and she was like, ‘Mommy, Daddy is here.’

So I thought it was a great opportunity.”

Miller has also designed a number of other luxurious homes.

The one in Notting Hills was purchased by American architect and designer Robert Foster for $3.3 million in 2014.

Miller also designed the home for British designer Peter Dutton, which was sold for $9 million in 2011.

While Miller is known to be an admirer of the home, it wasn’t always this way.

A decade ago, Miller bought a house in the same area of London for $8.5 million. 

He also had his eye on the property in Notting Town, where he designed a home that sold for more than $11 million in 2013.

Miller said the house in Notting Heath “looks like it would make a great house.” 

In 2014, Miller built a home in a luxury shopping center in a former hotel, the Palace of Westminster, which he described as “a place where you can buy the most exquisite, luxury items in the country.”

Miller also designed another home in England for American architect Michael Foster, which sold for a reported $8 million.

Miller later sold the estate to the British designer George Taylor, who reportedly paid a reported £3.6 million for it.

Miller’s most recent home was purchased for $2.9 million by a Canadian developer.

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