Leather Bomber Jacket is back in stores!

Leather Bomber Jacket, the new line of leather bomber jackets, is back for more than just one more year, and it’s all coming to retail stores in March.

While Leather Bomber jackets have been available online since early 2017, Leather Bomber is now officially available in stores for $140 USD.

That means you can pick up the Leather Bomber jacket online, and pick up a pair at a discounted price for just $130 USD.

The leather jacket also includes a pair of Leather Bomber pants, which are available for $30 USD.

Leather Bomber Leather Bomber Boots and Leather Bomber HoodieThe Leather Bomber line is the first brand from the brand to come to retail, and you can find it in stores now, with a limited supply.

Leather Bombers were originally a collaboration between Adidas, Nike, and LVMH, and the new version of the brand, which was officially released in February, is a collaboration with the brand itself.

Leather bombers are made from 100% merino wool, and feature a variety of features.

The jackets have a slim cut and a high collar, while the boots are lined with leather that will absorb moisture from the skin.

The hoodie has a hood, a belt loops, and leather straps, which make the jacket look stylish even on cold nights.

You can pick one up in sizes XXL to XXL with a hood that fits over your jacket.

Leather bomber jackets are available in a variety price points, and they are currently available in sizes XL to XXXL, with the XXL models being the most affordable.

Leather Bomber is available online at leatherbombershop.com, and is also available in retailers nationwide, so be sure to check that out.

Source: IGN

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