Leather anniversary gifts are coming to Calgary

On Monday, Alberta’s premier, Alison Redford, announced that a new collection of leather gifts for the province will be available to Alberta’s citizens starting July 1.

The announcement comes a day after the Alberta government announced a $250 million upgrade to its $10 million leather program.

The Leather Industry Association of Alberta (LEAA) says the new collection is part of a broader commitment to modernize and modernize Alberta’s retail and retail supply chain.

It says Alberta has the highest level of leather production in the world, with approximately 40 per cent of the world’s leather being produced in Alberta.

But, it says, Alberta has lagged behind its neighbours like Saskatchewan and Manitoba when it comes to manufacturing new leather products.

The LEAA says its new collection will include a wide range of products, including leather shoes, belts, purses, wallets and jewelry.

The Alberta government is also encouraging Alberta businesses to invest in leather products and facilities.

“We know that Alberta’s economy is already thriving and we know we need to make sure our leather products are produced in the right places,” said Redford.

The premier says Alberta will also invest $5 million in a new leather and apparel manufacturing facility to help meet its demand for new leather goods.

In a statement, the Leather Industry Group of Canada said it is pleased to have Alberta joining the Canadian Leather Association in the launch of this new initiative.”LEAA and Alberta are partners in the industry, and we look forward to working with Alberta and Alberta’s partners to create the best leather products in the country,” said the statement from the Leather and Apparel Industry Association.

The leather industry group said it’s working with the provincial government to bring new manufacturing facilities to Alberta.

In Alberta, leather products currently make up roughly 60 per cent, or approximately 2.2 million tonnes, of the province’s total leather production, according to the Alberta Leather Association.

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