How to wear leather on the run

Leather jackets, leather pants and leather skirts are all about staying warm, but when it comes to running, you can really get away with wearing leather.

We have a roundup of all the best leather jackets for running, from the budget options to the expensive leather-clad outfits.

Find out which jacket style is right for you here.


Black Diamond UltraLight Black Diamond’s UltraLight UltraLight is designed for everyday wear and features a lightweight material that is great for runners.

Its breathable design makes it comfortable for everyday use, and its super slim profile is ideal for walking, hiking and biking.

It has an ultra-soft polyester exterior that makes it lightweight, yet durable, while also providing great breathability.

Its waterproof rating of IPX5 waterproof means it will keep up to 20% of your body temperature and has a top water resistance rating of 10 meters.

This jacket is waterproof up to 10 meters and is made from an all-natural cotton material.


Thermador UltraMax ThermMax is a waterproof jacket that features a soft exterior that is made of 100% polyester.

The thermo-wicking material is ideal to keep you comfortable, while keeping you dry.

The jacket is made with 100% cotton, and it comes with a removable hood and a zip closure.


Thermo-Wool Thermo Wool is an all natural material that has been specifically designed for the running community.

Its soft and breathable fabric provides a lightweight and warm layer to keep your skin comfortable and dry.


Thermidor Thermidore Thermidores is an ultra light jacket that has a low profile that offers a very lightweight feel.

Its lightweight yet breathable material keeps you warm and comfortable in your most essential outfit.


Thermomix ThermoFlex Thermomx has been designed specifically for running and hiking.

Its ultra-light fabric makes it ideal for running in the rain or in the hot sun.

Its super soft and lightweight design is perfect for running or hiking.


Denim Bomber Denim is a lightweight yet durable outerwear that is perfect when you need a light and versatile layer to protect you while on the trail.

It features a high quality fleece fabric that is super breathable and offers a great weight and feel.


Denier Denier has been created for runners to go without.

Its a lightweight lightweight fleece jacket that can be worn on the ground or at a running trailhead.


Denali Denali is a breathable jacket made from 100% wool.

It is extremely breathable, lightweight and lightweight.


Thermasheen Thermashen is a super lightweight fleecer that is ideal when you want a lightweight, breathable layer that keeps you dry in the heat.


Thermos Thermosheen is a top-of-the-line fleece, lightweight outerwear.

It offers a super breathability and super lightweight feel, making it ideal when it is time to pack for the trail and running.


Thermoplex Thermoprax is a jacket that is designed to keep a fast-moving runner cool.

Its all-new fleece and super breathables technology offers a lightweight feel and excellent warmth.


Thermarest ThermareST is a fleece fleece that is both breathable yet light.

The ThermareSt’s lightweight material is great when it has a very cool feel.


Denso Denso is a durable outer layer that is also breathable.

It includes an additional hood that is waterproof and is extremely comfortable.


Thermolite Thermolit is a blend of lightweight fleeces and polyester, which is made to provide breathability while keeping your body warm.

It also offers excellent warmth when it needs to stay dry.


Dena Dena is a water-repellent fleece with a super low profile.

The lightweight material makes it perfect for keeping you cool in the cold, while the polyester lining ensures a super waterproof feel.


Thermicoft Thermicong is a premium fleece designed for use when running on trails and at a high altitude.

It boasts a lightweight outer layer to reduce wind resistance while providing breathability, and has been developed to provide superior performance on the trails.


Denalite Denalit is an ultralight, breath-able fleece.

It provides a super light, yet breath-resisting feel while being lightweight enough to go with any outfit.


Therpon TherpON is a tough yet breathability fleece for those running at extreme altitude.

Its incredibly breathable shell makes it a great option for runners in the harsh environments of Antarctica, the Indian Ocean, or other hot-spots.


Therma-Tech ThermaTech is a wool fleece coat made from a blend, of 100 percent wool and polyamide.

It combines all of the qualities of wool

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