Crypto Coins: Fake Leather Jacket to be the next Bitcoin meme

A faux leather coat that can be used to simulate leather in virtual reality is to be a Bitcoin meme, and a company hoping to capitalize on the trend is now hoping to cash in.

The idea is to sell a pair of faux leather jackets to people who are looking to get into the virtual currency world and would be less likely to pay a premium for a real leather jacket.

The product was unveiled earlier this month at an event at the University of Chicago’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, and was advertised as “a fun way to simulate wearing leather.”

According to the company, the virtual-reality company ARIA was the first to bring the product to market, and it was developed with virtual-currency enthusiasts in mind.

The product is being sold for $2,995 on the ARIA marketplace, and there are more than 30,000 orders awaiting payment.

It was initially developed by ARIA, but the company has since expanded to include its own app.

It’s called ARIA Leather, and is available for iOS and Android devices.

The app will allow users to choose their preferred color and style for the coat, and will feature the company’s logo on the front.

It also allows users to share their photos of their virtual-space adventures with a virtual-real-life jacket.”ARIA Leather is a unique, new way for anyone to explore virtual reality and the virtual world,” the company said.

“The idea behind ARIA is that people who want to become virtual-experienced and have some fun in virtual worlds, are looking for a new way to do so.”

Users who are already interested in virtual-world adventures, including virtual-combat, can use the app to choose the coat to use.

The company also announced it was adding a feature that allows users in the virtual space to track their virtual spaces adventures.

Users will be able to upload photos of the virtual spaces they’ve visited to a virtual space portal, and users will be notified when the virtual environment is closed.

The ARIA app is available on both Android and iOS.

“With this, we hope to further develop the ARIAs Leather app and allow anyone to share photos of virtual-virtual adventures with the world,” said David Schall, vice president of product management at ARIA.

“With this app, users will also be able track their travels, track their progress in virtual environments, and share their virtual experiences with the entire ARIA community.”

It is the latest example of virtual reality being embraced by mainstream companies.

Earlier this month, Microsoft and Google announced they would be bringing VR gaming and social experiences to their platforms in the coming months.

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