Jordani couple buys leather couch covers

A Jordanian couple has bought luxury leather couch coverings, which they hope will make them feel better in the summer months when their family lives in a tent.

The couple, who are based in Jordan, decided to buy the covers after noticing that the prices for such covers in their country were very high, especially for children, when compared to Western countries.

The women, who live in Jordan’s southern desert city of Quneitra, have been selling the covers for about five years, and they plan to expand their business.

They are now hoping to sell the covers to the public as well.

The men said that they were shocked by the prices of the covers and thought that they could get them for as low as $25.

The women are also looking for customers for their new business.

While many people in Jordan tend to buy Western clothes, they are still not accustomed to spending money on them.

The woman said that she was “bewildered” by the high prices of their covers.

“The covers are really comfortable and feel good when you sit on them, so it is hard to say that it is just for us,” she said.

“But I think that people are more interested in the price and the price is much more important than the comfort.”

“I think people are a little bit more used to buying from overseas.

They know what to expect from a store, but if they buy from a company, then they know what they are getting,” she added.”

We think the prices are high because of the climate, but we are trying to change that by creating this business.”

The women’s business, which started last year, now sells about 200 covers a day, and the couple plans to expand into a full-fledged clothing store.

“I’m really happy because the covers are good, they’re comfortable and they make you feel better,” she explained.

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