Which is better, a long leather or a short leather jacket?

I think a long coat is much better, and it makes me feel more comfortable.

When I’m walking through a town, I feel like a real gentleman.

You can walk in any street, and there’s always a good line of people to greet you.

I think that if you’re going to wear a long, heavy coat, you’re just going to feel like you’re a man.

If you’re wearing a short coat, it’s just going the other way, and I feel more confident.

That’s why I wear a leather jacket.

I can walk down any street in any town in any city in the world and I’ll always feel like I’m on the right path.

And it’s a lot easier to do that if it’s long.

It’s much more comfortable, and that’s a great feeling to be in a jacket.

What do you think is the best jacket?

A long leather coat is better than a short one.

And if you want to wear one of those, a very, very long one, you should definitely get a long one.

You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in it.

I like the longer one because you can have it on you all the time.

But if you can get a short, you’ll never feel like it’s all you’re carrying.

Is there a better jacket than the one you currently own?

I don’t know.

I don- I’ve owned a lot of jackets over the years, but I don, I don’ know.

The short one is the one I’ve always wanted.

The longer one, I’ve worn all my life.

Is that true?

I do wear a lot.

I’m not really sure.

There’s a whole lot of stuff I don”t wear, but there are lots of people I can’t wear it.

What are your thoughts on the fashion industry and whether or not it’s going to continue on as it is?

It’s a really interesting place, really.

The way the fashion world works is, they’re all basically going the same way.

I have a couple of friends who are designers and they all work in the fashion space, so there’s a sort of a hierarchy of talent.

Some people are really good at making things that people want, and they’re very creative, and you have to be.

They also all work for a company.

So there’s all this money to be made.

I’ve been working with a lot- people like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, and some other people.

But you know, it is a very competitive environment.

They don’t pay you a lot, and then the rest of the time, they just do what they want to do, and the market doesn’t pay a lot to do their job.

So I think it’s really interesting that they have different views on what’s best for the industry, and all the fashion companies have different viewpoints on what is best for fashion.

So, I think there is this sort of an old-school mentality, that the fashion sector is the world, and everybody else is just there to do other things.

So it’s not a very good thing, and to be honest, I really think it is.

Is it going to be a good thing?

I think so, because we’re not going to see that same thing again.

And I don’,t know if it will be a really good thing for fashion in the long run.

I know it’s been around a while.

But there are so many different fashion trends, so I don’?t know.

And then, it?s going to get really weird.

So much of the fashion market is driven by technology, and fashion is not going anywhere.

I mean, people like to be seen in high-fashion, so that they can be seen.

And they?re going to need to change their fashion a little bit.

Is a lot going to change, and is fashion going to become more and more relevant?

I?m not sure.

I really don?t know, because I think fashion is kind of like a game of musical chairs, where the players just go on and do what suits them best.

And, I guess, I just know that I love fashion, and people who love fashion love me, and what suits me best.

What’s your favorite piece of fashion you’ve worn?

I really like the Levi’s 501 jeans, but the best ones are those that have a lot stitching and lots of detail.

You know, the fabric is so well-made, and like, it just looks so good, you know?

It?s not like a cheap imitation, but it feels really good.

So many people say they like a good pair of jeans.

I always go for those that look good.

Is wearing a suit good or not good for you?

Well, I?ll wear a suit when I have the time to wear it, and if I feel uncomfortable, I go for something

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