What’s next for Leather dress?

The next big step in the evolution of leathers, leather shoes and the rest of the shoe business will be the release of a new leather purse set, according to Leather & Leather.

The new leather dress sets are scheduled to go on sale this fall.

This is a huge deal for the entire industry, says Eric N. Toner, co-founder and president of Leather &amps; Leather, Inc. The company has worked with fashion houses to release the new models and have a very strong relationship with several of them, Toner told Business Insider.

The new line of leather shoes will be available for the first time, and Leather &amping; Leather is planning to launch its new line and accessories in the coming weeks, Toni told Business Insiders.

Toner said the new leather purses are a continuation of Leather’s success with the leather dress and shoe lines.

He said they will include a range of different materials that have been specifically designed to suit the needs of both men and women, including a unique leather purse.

“We’re going to create a new line that will bring the best of the Leather and Leather dress, Leather & Leather shoe, Leather sofa set and Leather sofa accessory lines into a new and exciting world,” Toner said.

He added that the new line will be more affordable than its predecessors.

The new line is expected to go into limited release this fall, and Toni said that it will be priced similar to its predecessors in that it would have a $300 to $400 price point.

Leather < Leather will have a “premium” line of accessories, including leather shoes, leather dress shoes and leather sofa sets, for $600.

The premium line will include leather shoes for $800 and leather dress shoe for $1,500.

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