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Your Reason to Join a Facebook Groups

The Importance of Being in Facebook Groups Before I started working, I never acknowledged the importance of Facebook Groups for specific niches. I would think that learning on the go from certifications, articles, and blogs would help me be better at whatever Marketing I was doing. A few months later, I joined a Social Media […]

Bringing It Back Old School

So much information! Too much information! It’s all the same information! Content, Video Content, Social Media, Post, Post, Post, Like, Like, Like! WOW! This is a lot of content but is it getting the traffic? Is it worth it? I feel like I am finally doing something! But, is there real traction here? Should I […]

Ready Aim

Back when I was in real estate; well even earlier than that. Back when I was in my startup days of real estate, my manager and trainer at the time was incredible at summing things up with anecdotal expressions; I mean this guy had a head full of them, which would have probably filled a […]

5 PPC Tips & Secrets

Welcome, we hope that this article will provide at least one nugget of information that will help you in your journey with your online marketing and PPC management. The post 5 PPC Tips & Secrets appeared first on NFY Interactive, Inc.. NFY Interactive, Inc.

5 SEO Tips & Secrets

Hello, this article was created to offer a few basic tips & secrets that are often overlooked when building a new website or online marketing strategy with SEO. This article was not written for expert SEO providers. The post 5 SEO Tips & Secrets appeared first on NFY Interactive, Inc.. NFY Interactive, Inc.

Google My Business

Google My Business is just a part of the Google family of products that can help your business gain exposure and build brand authority on Google. Today, Google’s search market share is just shy of 80% according to Search Engine Journal for July 2016. The post Google My Business appeared first on NFY Interactive, Inc.. […]