Why Leather Cushion is Worth $100,000 in a Suitcase

You’re probably asking yourself why a leather couch is worth $100K in a suitcase.If you’re the kind of person who likes to put a lot of thought into everything you buy, then you’ll probably be a bit confused by this news.The leather couch may have the luxury of being handmade, but that doesn’t mean it’sRead More

How to get a $5,000 faux leather loveseats recliner

An old man with a leather loveshat recline recliner in his living room.A few pairs of vintage leather lovescats in his den.A leather lovestouch in the closet.A pair of leather loves and a leather rug in the kitchen.A cheap pair of fake leather lovices and a pair of faux leather leather lovseys.And so, it goes.It’sRead More

Leather anniversary gifts are coming to Calgary

On Monday, Alberta’s premier, Alison Redford, announced that a new collection of leather gifts for the province will be available to Alberta’s citizens starting July 1.The announcement comes a day after the Alberta government announced a $250 million upgrade to its $10 million leather program.The Leather Industry Association of Alberta (LEAA) says the new collectionRead More

Leather Bomber Jacket is back in stores!

Leather Bomber Jacket, the new line of leather bomber jackets, is back for more than just one more year, and it’s all coming to retail stores in March.While Leather Bomber jackets have been available online since early 2017, Leather Bomber is now officially available in stores for $140 USD.That means you can pick up theRead More

How to get a leather headboard made

This is the best way to make leather headboards in your living room, as the leather can be used for furniture and accessories.There are two ways to make a leather chair from leather.You can either use leather that is dyed a certain color, or you can dye your own leather.We’ve already covered how to dyeRead More

How to make a fake leather jacket

How to Make a Fake Leather Jacket Leather jackets, leather coats, and other faux leathers are a great way to keep your body warm and cozy when you’re out and about, but they also come with a hefty price tag.To make one, you need to buy fake leather, glue it onto a surface, and putRead More

Why is your backpack so heavy?

We’ve all seen a backpack or a phone case that is way too heavy.We’re used to carrying our bags, but our phone cases and backpack are heavy.What’s the cause?In order to keep your phone or laptop safe and secure, most of us carry a phone with us.In order for a phone to function properly, itRead More

How to get a leather leather seat repaired

A leather club chair is a very popular chair for men and women who need to stand up for their health.However, there are times when a leather seat needs to be repaired.Here is how to do it.How to repair a leather chairHow to replace a leather club seatHow to buy a leather strapHow to fixRead More

How to wear leather-colored headboards

The best way to dress your leather-covered headboards is to go with a mix of black and brown leathers.This will give your black leathers a little more depth while giving you a slightly lighter feel to your leather chairs.When you wear a leather chair, you will have to take care of the leather by makingRead More

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