How to make your own leather backpack

My friends and I spent a lot of time in our leather backpack, because it is the perfect way to carry everything we need to carry all day long.If you want a backpack that is as functional as it is beautiful, then this is the backpack for you.It is made from a sturdy material withRead More

What a Leather Chair: The World’s Most Vegan Leather Chair

Vegan leather chairs have long been a niche item, but now the world is seeing the full potential of the material.As the first vegan leather chair made from leather, the One-Two One-Seven One-Six One-Four One-Three is sure to make a mark in the industry.This is a vegan leather-based chair, and it’s made of high-quality leatherRead More

How to make leather shoes

In this guide, we’ll explore how to make and wear leather shoes, starting with a basic project, then getting deeper into leather and more complex projects.The guide, produced by Al Jazeera, aims to help consumers discover and appreciate the world of leather.It’s a collection of articles, videos and other videos, produced in collaboration with LeatherRead More

How to create a leather strap from scratch

It seems like a waste of time, but here’s how to make a leather belt from scratch.Read More . As mentioned above, the leather strap is designed to look like leather. The strap is created by combining two different materials and then sewing the two together. First, you need to use the material called “beading”. “Beading” is a fancyRead More

Why leather wingbacks are so good for your neck

The leather wing-back chair is an essential piece of furniture in your home and it’s a perfect addition to any space.You can use it for seating, lounging or sitting.Leather wingbacks have a cushy and supportive design and are very comfortable to sit on.The leather is very durable, making them great for use in a wideRead More

Which leather laptop bags are the best?

Leather laptop bags have become a staple in the luxury segment.The sleek, streamlined bags are now an essential part of the modern lifestyle.In addition to the iconic leather exterior, the bags come in a range of materials including satin, linen, and leather.However, the materials can also be considered an upgrade to other high-end products likeRead More

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