How to dress for summer 2017

Here are some tips for how to dress to keep warm this summer.1.Dress for cooler weatherThis summer will be warmer than usual, and we want to keep that warm feeling in our clothes and hair.This means that we need to wear some form of heathered dress to cover up the body heat, and that meansRead More

How to wear leather on the run

Leather jackets, leather pants and leather skirts are all about staying warm, but when it comes to running, you can really get away with wearing leather.We have a roundup of all the best leather jackets for running, from the budget options to the expensive leather-clad outfits.Find out which jacket style is right for you here.1.BlackRead More

What is the leather hobe bag?

What is a leather hobbie bag?A hobe is a simple plastic or rubber bag that can hold clothing, accessories, shoes and accessories in place, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off when you go out to do a walk or even when you’re sitting down.A hobo bag is not a bag madeRead More

Why Leather Shoes Don’t Get the Blame

By KEVIN BROWNA Reporter NewsBusters: For those of you who have worn a leather shoe in the past week, you might be thinking, “Why would I wear a leather-bound journal?”The same can be said of many of our favorite footwear choices.Why do some shoes wear leather?We’ve got a few theories, but let’s start with theRead More

How to wear a PUKA on a daily basis

It’s not as though we’re trying to hide the fact that this isn’t just another pair of jeans.It’s got the PUKAs branding, a leather jacket and a pair of sneakers.The PUKa is an off-the-rack leather jacket with a PAKA logo on the front.It was designed by the French designer Pouni Pouniau.Pounian Pounis shoes are madeRead More

What is the leather headrest?

By John CrossleyThe headrests in your sporty car are your best friend and your worst enemy.They keep you safe and comfortable while you’re driving.The headrest can come in a range of colours and shapes.Here are some ideas for how you can improve the look of your car’s leather headstands.Read moreWhen you get into your newRead More

Which Portlanders are worth the most?

The Oregon Ducks are looking to finish off the season on a strong note with their return to the national championship game on Sunday against Oklahoma State, but some fans are already eyeing their top five.The No. 1 pick of the 2018 NFL draft, the defensive tackle is set to be the most-hyped player inRead More

How to get the best leather jacket for men and women

We are always trying to improve our gear, but we often find ourselves thinking, “Why bother with a leather jacket at all?”That’s why we put together this guide to help you decide whether leather boots are the best way to go for men.If you’re not sure, then we have a few tips for you toRead More

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